Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our tent got what was coming to it

Hello all! Sorry for the short update last time. I suppose I can elaborate a tid more. Last week/early this week we did one of the great walks around Lake Whaikaramoana. Besides being epically beautiful, i just really wanted to mention that we met some really great people on the trek. The first night we stayed in one of the huts on the tramp, which was basic but on top of the ridge overlooking the lake. Besides being with a hoard of cadets (boyscouts), we hung out with two kiwis Misha and Ben. These were two seriously rad dudes, who we ended up hiking with and sharing stories for the rest of the 5 day tramp. Misha is a PE teachers in a school bordering Auckland, and Ben is a radio journalist for Radio NZ. Besides being fun to hang out with they were extraordinarily generous.

As prepared as we were, we were definitely under prepared. We hitch hiked in to the trail head and were hoping to hitch hike out. We were hungry everyday and very cold. It was a good test run to know what not to do on some of the longer treks we want to do. Mish and Ben graciously agreed to drive an hour our of their way to come pick us up at the end of the trail, which seriously saved our butts as we were in the middle of no where. Not only that but they gave us a box of food that they had left from the tramp to take with us along our journey. We really can't thank them enough but hope that one day we will get to reciprocate their kindness and hang out with them again.

On our last night we also met a singer song writer couple from Australia, Lynda and Strat. Strat played the mandolin, and they shared songs with us as well as giving us mini mandolin lessons. Pretty cool. They were very nice and we hope to bump into them and play music with them again. The graciously offered there house to stay in if we were to ever visit Australia. The people we've met so far have been seriously great, it really makes your rethink how you treat others and want to be more welcome and open to people in general.

So yeah we are currently in Picton on the South Island. Its a very cool port town right off the Queen Charlotte sound. Its really gorgeous, think like Alaska or something, thats what it feels like to us. But yeah, we like it here and are trying to find jobs. I have an interview tomorrow at a boating charter company and Jay is getting alot of leads. It should work out. We have already checked out the surf spot, called Robin Hood bay, which would be where we would be surfing. Its super remote and tiny, and seriously stunning. I can't wait.

Unfortunately, our tent is not doing so hot. It got pretty destroyed last night in a windstorm, well its kinda shredded and the poles are bent and stuff. So yeah we are kinda homeless right now until we get this little fiasco sorted out, but we are living in the Chitlin which is really unbelieveibly great! Just a little more motivation to get jobs I guess. We've got to run the library is closing, but much love to all, pictures will be uploaded tomorrow and wish us luck...we need jobs!

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  1. isn't it amazing how so many people you know in the states are nice people and all, but they wouldn't really ever go out of their way for you? just reading the story about the rad dudes who saved your asses reminds me of will and gary's stories of how accomodating people were to them when they were on their journey. i think it's a great lesson to learn to be more open with your home and your possessions, everything! it all comes back to you in the end, probably tenfold! why aren't people more trusting? is it morristown? is it the east coast? good luck with the job hunt, miss you Jason! you too Nate, I guess. Ha! Jk. Love to you both. Jenny.