Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hello friends! It has been a little while since our last update and currently Jay and I have made great strides in becoming real people in NZ. We are currrently living in Picton and it looks like we probably will be for the next six months. I have have scored a job at a boat charter company called Compass Charters. Its a pretty sweet gig, I get to work on megayachts to which I will never be able to afford and get to work right on the water. I get a buck above minimum wage, which really isn't too bad at 13.50 an hour. Jay is starting a waitering job this week and the Corner Bistro, which also right on the water. Cool stuff, everybody wish him luck.

Hmm lets see...oh yeah, we have a house! Jay and I are renting a little bungalo thats only a 10 minute walk from town. It comes complete with shag carpet through out, and it looks like it was decorated by an older woman of sorts, maby even a grandmother! But me and jay are making it home, it has a really nice backyard and a sweet work shop and work area for projects. We have decided that we are going to decorate it with paintings that we paint, which might include such works of art as Dino Fighting Robot, which is my first piece I plan to create.

Life is good, I picked up a Mandolin to complement Jays guitar playing, and we have begun writing music again which is very refreshing. we hope to write and play some gigs soon, so Look for some neat tunes coming soon from the Rape House Family Band!

The Chitlin has been having a few problems, but nothing that can't be solved with a little love. She turned off the other day while I was driving to work which was neat, and then the same day the battery died, and we had to get a jump in the middle of a storm with gale force winds. Lets see, oh yeah and a big chunk fell off the inside of the car that came from under the steering column, hopefully that one can be fixed with duck tape!

We are really excited to be here, the town is seriously georgous, and we have good accesss to surf, hikes and bars. After living in a tent and a car for a month, it is really nice to have a place to go home to, and we get to shower and go to the bathroom indoors which is also a bonus!

In other news, I have decided to take it upon myself to build a kayak from wood, and am going to pick up supplies this week. I'm pretty sure this little project will push whatever crafting skills I have to the limit, but I guess I'll give it a shot> It would be really cool to get out onto the sounds and explore.

Anyways, I really miss everybody and home, and I am actually kinda bumbed that I am not going to get a fall which is my favorite season. I guess having two summers in a row isn't a bad compromise though! Keep in touch everybody, below are the long promised pictures with cheezy captions in really no particular order.
Oh yeah, I eat meat now.
What we do when there is gale force winds outside

Say no to duck rape

Ugly picture of picton

This is where we live!

Romantic walk in wellington

Twat a night!

Scrumptown USA


Church on the East Cape

The tsunami madness

Waiting for the tsunami slash relishing the view

This has happened more than once

Lyndle and Strat the radist musicians we have met on our trip so far

Top of the ridge with Mish and Ben

Yeah! We woke up to this!

Jasonian 5

The never ending pursuit of unhappiness trying to catch a fish


  1. Hey bud, we need to catch up again soon. Seems like forever since I have spoken with you. Your life seems awesome! I am a little green with envy, but not too much. Newark misses you, I am keeping her company for you.

  2. Yay!! Life sounds great! I'm so glad things are working out in NZ! The pics are great... looks amazing and beautiful there! Best wishes with the new jobs, home, and song writing!!! : )

  3. you guys are beautiful. everyone sees your life there as magical and brave, i hope you realize! wish i could stop by for afternoon tea...