Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Batman and Robin (A Love Story)

Alright, I figured I'd just start this off with the biggest news that has been on everybody's mind and put the rumors to rest. Yes, Jay and I are co-authoring a book titled Batman and Robin (A Love Story). It will be released in segments on this blog much like many of the great Authors of the past ( Dr. Seuss) released their master pieces in segments through periodicals.

Next biggest news. We survived the tsunami. Early yesterday morning Jay and I were cooking a breakfast of hardy proportions, when we noticed that there was a tsunami warning for New Zealand triggered by an earth quake off of Samoa. Since we were say about a foot above sea level in Naiper at the time, worry us it did! So after warning the camp host, we headed for higher land, well way higher, it was like a mountain in Lock Haven North over looking the Pacific. We'll the tsunami was supposed to come, and it did kinda. It ended up being less than a 40 cm high, so nobody could really see it from our vantage point.

Although the tsunami never really came, the bigger spectacle was how many people were on this cliff type thing with us. It was kinda like that scene in Independence day where all the people were on the roof of that building to great the aliens except not really because there were no signs welcoming the tsunami. But seriously, people left work, school, basically what ever they were doing to come and watch and be safe. Pretty cool stuff.

So since we last updated rounded the East Cape, stayed in Gisborne, went to the Scrumpy factory, did one of the Great Walks in New Zealand, met some great people, stayed in Naiper, laughed, sobbed and are now heading south toward Wellington where we booked ferry tickets for tonight, to go the South Island. We are truly excited to get down there, as neither Jay or I have been yet and we here there is work on the vineyards down there.

My time is running out the post is not finished yet so check back soon for more updates!

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  1. hi this is apache moonbean. I tried to set up one of my own blogs on this thing because i thought it was mandatory to communicate with y'all and i selected the blog alias "apache moonbean". anyway, i have since learned that those measures were not necessary but i'm okay with that. i love ready the blog, so blog away! also, i had a dream last night about the tsunami. i dreamed that i was over there with you guys and as it was coming in (it was maybe only 7 feet high) there was this special machine, not unlike the machine that used to smooth down the ice at mennan arena, that was smoothing down the tsunami as it rolled in so by the time it came to shore it was only a foot or two high! what kind of people are you meeting there? any characters? i like the one who left you rotting fish...