Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fish market folly

Hello all. Just a short update. We looked for jobs today as we heard there was work to be had in a fish factory nearby (yeah fish!). Unfortunatly it does not look like there is much in the way of seasonal jobs in the Bay of Plenty at the moment, so we are gonna head south towards the south island where we hear there is sheep shearing and vinyard work, or mabye a delightful combination of the two. We are going to go around the east cape near Gisbourne taking our time with the possibility of doing a trek on the way down. As promised, below are some pictures. Many go with the last blog!

Much love...

Sunset from our campsite in Whaiheke!

We hiked across the island and ended up at Onetangi beach

We harvested the freshest of cockle every morning

Peace flame in the Ostend market...we wanted to do the peace walk the next day...but you know, we had bigger fish to fry

Having a blast after hiking out of camp and waiting for the bus for two hours

Driving in the starship destroyer/chitlin

Kicking the chitlin


The little ones on the Mount

View from the Mount


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