Friday, April 23, 2010

Slightly hung over for the first time in awhile.

So here we Queenstown, just sitting here pondering life and my almost obsessive use of ellipse. One might think this is quite dull in the adventure capital of the world, but nothing is quite adventurous as delving into ones own mind!

Alright, well seriously, we can't afford to jump out of a plane or blow anything up but we can afford to get drunk one time(we really haven't drank since we left picton). So Queenstown, the party capital of New Zealand, has been treating us very well. It is a bit rainy today, which has almost been nice pause to file tax returns and make some travel plans.

Last time I wrote we were in Christchurch for the blues and is the jist of what has been going on since then:

We drove back toward the West Coast via Aurther's Pass. Stopped along the way for a few days to do a bit of bouldering in the land of Castle Hill, and lived in a poorly equipped shack for exactly one night. Cave Stream. We then proceeded onward back to the West Coast, and ended up in Greymouth. Did a brewery tour, and then shortly afterwards visited the pancake rocks. Made knives from hot steel in barrytown. Drove south, saw some glaciers, while simultaneously braking down a whole bunch. Travelled to Haast, were we got the grim news that our car has a very terminal sickness, but cheered ourselves up by sleeping in beds and taking showers. Journeyed through Mt. Aspiring National Park on our way to Wanaka and Queenstown. Went to Arrowtown, felt very homish and atumnal, while taking in a talent contest for ill-advised eightyear olds. Now we are back in Queenstown.

That is the somewhat patchy version of what we have been up to. We are in good spirits and are currently staying in a hostel with beds. As much as I love sleeping in a tent every night, which I might add I really do, it is nice to be indoors and clean. Tomorrow we are back on the road, and heading towards Milford Sounds were we are going to do a twilight kayak of the sounds, and then do a short track called the Routeburn. Hopefully then we will plunge down to Stewart Island if our car allows us and do a bit of trekking there as well.

The car problem is interesting. I feel like having two really pitiful cars has taught me so much as too what makes these little machines run. Heres the problem, in laymans terms for all you non-mechanics out there. We have a cracked head, which is leaking exhaust fumes into the radiator. That intern pressurises the radiator and spits out all the coolant and water. Because of this the car overheats like mad. Solution? We have to carry around gallons and gallons of water with to constantly refill the radiator. Its currently losing about a liter of water per 10k which is almost kind of impressive. But it still moves, and even though the engine will keep getting worse and eventually lose all its compression, it will get around for now.

Alrighty, last but certainly not least a meeting of epic proportions. Come June 1st I will be reunited with my brother Sean Marshall in Australia, who I have not seen since we were separated and taken from mother wolf at birth. I am so excited to connect physically with someone from home, especially sean, instead of through electronics.
Basically, its gonna be the raddest ten day surf trip known to man.
I am so excited.

Thanks for reading the ramble, miss you all lots!
Much love
Castle Hill

Sunrise circa Castle Hill

We found this really sweet we used it.

Cave Stream

The pancake rocks are so much more interesting after a brewery tour

Boys and knifes are like McChickens and Frenchfries

Along with making knifes, Stevens house had a gigantic swing, minature ponies, ax throwing and a parrot. This is the swing.

Gorilla Mist

Terminus end of a very large glacier

Hospital for cars

Inside a tree

Mt. Hooker Campsite


Did, we indulge just a little bit in Queenstown? yueeaaappp

Old-timey folk in Arrowtown

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